Archetype Integration uses guided meditation to connect with different elements of your subconscious kingdom and reveal blocks to creating a more fulfilling, effortless life.


Fusing techniques drawn from shamanic journey work, hypnotherapy and jungian approaches to the concept of subconscious archetypes, it is a fast, fun, effective, way to break patterns which are deeply embedded and create the life you'd love.

We work with male and female aspects of four fundamental archetypes - lover, magician, soverign and warrior - in your psychographic landscape. These influence everything you do and realigning them to serve you, not sabotage you, can be life changing.

The work if offered in person in Sussex or globally through zoom sessions, for which you need to allow 1-2 hours. The cost is £120, or £600 for six sessions when booked ahead - which typically are held over six-eight weeks, depending on your requirements and progress.

My clients come from all over the world and are facing all kinds of challenges in taking their lives to the next level.


The magic of this process is that it takes you straight to the place you need to go to depower the beliefs that are holding you back, whatever the challenge is that you are facing.


''I spent a two hour session with Helena de-powering the beliefs I had around meeting a committed partner and having a child. We worked extensively with my lover archetypes to realign them and within three months I met my life partner in Mexico and we now have the baby girl I saw so clearly in my meditation'' 

   - Wendy, Project Manager, Los Angeles

''Helena worked with me to look at my blocks around taking my career as a voice over artist to the next level and attracting work partnerships that would serve me. We worked on my magician archetype and within a year I had met my business partner and we had formed the company that now produces content for the BBC.

  - Helen, Voice Over Artist, London

''Helena and I used a two hour session to disentangle my archetypes and reset my sovereign archetypes, putting them firmly on their thrones with a clear vision. As a result I found the strength to completely reset my life and start my own business, which is thriving''  

  - Ryan, Electrical Engineer, Utah

''Helena helped me unpick some blocks in my creative vision and allowed me to have a powerful conversation with my partner that led to us moving countries with our family and fundamentally changing our lives''.

  - Alodia, NGO Manager, Philippines

''I came to Helena to look more deeply at issues I knew were linked to a specific early childhood trauma which had 'locked in' to my body and was causing me physical pain. She skillfully and sensitively guided me through a series of exercises involving my warrior and sovereign archetypes which meant I could immediately start to bear weight on the affected leg. I was a skeptic but the change was undeniable and unbelievable''

  - Diane - EFT Therapist, Vancouver, Canada

''To be honest I booked the session with Helena because I was curious rather than because of any specific issue I was facing. However within ten minutes of the guided meditation I was face to face with my king archetype who took me to task and was very clear what I needed to be focusing on to create at a whole new level. I now regularly check in using the guided meditation products Helena provided along with my session mp3.    

  - Amy, CEO, New York